Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Twenty One days (plus) in the bush and I find a Hedgehog

[Non-Wargaming rant part]
To some "bush" would mean a tour of duty in a far off steaming jungle or a Kohima scenario. However in my perverse reality this is literally a bush clearing/replanting exercise in the front garden which has kept me away from the computer.

I say "bush" to you but secretly I view them as the "enemy" now, individually named and hated. My viewpoint changed soon after the first hand-to-hand engagement when I was  cut, bruised, bleeding and even left for dead by the wife in the front garden. Each bush is seven years old, deep-rooted with no intention of moving! It is a pity my rules of engagement state they have to be taken alive and replanted elsewhere.

Eleven of thirteen down and just two to go, then I can turf it with a placid bit of English lawn grass that should behave itself and also serve as a cricket wicket.

[Back to the Wargaming bit]
I think the real-life version of this little chap from Airfix (the Austrailian Matilda Hedgehog) would have come in very useful:

The state of play of my version:

Each night coming back somewhat "bushed" I relaxed and kept myself sane by laying into my collection unmade "to do" models and a cold beer. The logic being that I am pushed for space and a completed model takes up far less space than the boxed kit. I have to say that the old Airfix kits (even with new bits added) are still a pleasure to make especially since the track plastic is now a much nicer and forgiving material to work with.

Great link to Matilda Far East Variants:
I would like to get both the flame-thrower Frog and Bulldozer versions in 1/72 or 1/76 too.

Likewise I have great respect for the Trumpeter kits (a KV-1 and a Pershing) I made as they set a new standard of excellence in detail and construction (IMHO), though certainly not fast-builds. The only down-side with my mass build approach is that I now have an overflowing "to be painted" collection box and they will not be wargame ready for a long time. In fact I sense the urge to do something in a smaller scale again :)

On the up-side I have also been busy "actually wargaming" and will post on the DBMM Ancient Campaign, a DBA, a Warsaw Pact v NATO modern, a WWI dogfight and a Peninsular Napoleonic campaign in due course.

Thank gawd I didn't have to mention the football. It is good to be back blogging :)


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