Friday, 11 June 2010

The Joy of New Airfix - Italian Infantry

Back from the half-term trip to see the grandparents. Not much painting done but I took a few kits to make for the road-trip, attacking the plastic pile. During my shuffle through my unmade kits I found this little gem.

Not strictly a kit but the Airfix Italian WWII 1/72 infantry box set. To be perfectly honest I was not expecting that much from the contents but I was more than pleasantly surprised :)

Excellent clean figures, good poses, well detailed and smartly sculpted, not what I was expecting from Airfix, thinking back to the 1970's moulds still in use.

OK, these may be old figures to some, but anything post-2000 is a rediscovery for me. I plan to mix them with my Esci/Italeri 1/72 Alpine Itailians too for a better mix of poses and weaponry.

Two nice useful links.

One to an excellent example of how they paint up.
Quite inspirational.

Another reviewing the pack (of note, according to this site these Airfix figures are also being marketed by Waterloo 1815 and HaT!). I agree with the ratings given, (9's and 10's) and even the harsh one  (of 4) on the number of different poses, although I would also add quickly that they are all good and usable on table.

Meanwhile I have continued in a bit of a model making spree, the mountain of unmade kits has suffered a major reduction. I seem to go in spurts of one type of activity rather than finishing a specific project.


Yori said...

This is a very good set. I'm waiting for completed figures :)

Tim Gow said...

I always though the Airfix Italians were a splendid set. I still have some around somewhere althought all my Italians 'in service' are metal figures these days.