Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Modern War in Europe (1990's plus) Play Test I

To me modern (Cold War plus) warfare is a difficult period to game as although the technology is a known how it would have "interacted" is still a bit of a guessing game (but not quite as whimsical as Sci-Fi). The fact that NATO and the Warsaw Pact never traded blows is of an everlasting relief. However the "What-If" possibilities exist. One of my local clubs have developed a set of rules on from Modern Spearhead called Battle Group Commander which I find very informative to play.

The rules are more of a simulation than game, I participated in a clash between a Panzer Grenadier Brigade and a Soviet Motor Rifle Division.

The Soviet approach (left):

One Soviet battalion detailed to "pin" the Germans (operational zone left of the road) as the other two form up to assault in a compact mass of armour and BTR APC's (operational zone to the right of the road). Regimental AT asset move up in support using the cover of the built up area in the centre.

The Soviet approach (right):

The Soviet right flank is in waves as opposed to columns, but pins to the left with a battalion and attacks to the right with two in support of each other. The Germans prepare to unleash a second turn of defensive fire. On both flanks the Soviet pinning battalions have suffered casualties due to the first round of defensive fire.

Continued exchange of  fire and contact on the Soviet left, from the pinning battalion:

And from leading elements (T64) of the second (assault) battalion and regimental ATGW and FOO assets from the middle urban area (also helped by the Germans throwing low):

The battle continues ...


In quest of the ultimate. . . said...

Thank God nothing happend in the Cold War!

Interesting game my friend!

I hope you can post us some pics of the rest of the game.


Tim Gow said...

Nice to see it's not just me who feels a certain nostalgia for the 'good old days' of the Cold War.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes, nostalgia and a certain "99 Red Balloons" feeling

"Protect and Survive" now sounds like a condom advert but in those days it felt uneasily plausible to be hunkering down to a nuclear winter

Now we have Global Warming and Climate Change :)


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Indeed the battle continues next post ...