Friday, 2 July 2010

Modern War in Europe (1990's plus) Play Test II

The Red Tide rolled forward and engaged in fierce combat with both sides calling artillery assets. The camera was concentrating on the left hand side of the battlefield (where I was commanding the BTR regiment):

Here it became rather ugly for the German Panzer Grenadiers, but their mettle held firm and they stood and fought well against seemingly impossible odds (and despite again rolling poor "to hit/kill" combat dice).

The Red surge continued, with the German Infantry suppressed to the front in good defensive terrain it was time for the Soviet infantry to disembark and finish the job.

After a nasty armour exchange where the German was worsted the Panzer Grenadier battalion was now set to retire in good order before it was swamped, to a position a km behind to support an already "in place" Leopard II battalion to provide much needed infantry cover against the Reds.

Over on the right flank the Soviets were faced with a deeper river to wade and were trading infantry and armour with another Panzer grenadier battalion, again the latter forming the mindset of it being more prudent to retire at this point rather than be swamped by dismounted BTR infantry.

Play test ended in a tactical draw, Soviets across the river but still with heavy unbroken opposition to their front. The Soviet Divisional commander is about to commit the BMP or Tank Regiment to the left flank, his NATO counterpart forming up in the next line of defence.

The wars goes on bur time was up for the wargamers on the night!

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Fenris said...

Yeah! Great battle!