Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bush War Over

Official: Bush Operations completed, gardening war "over", all gardening units stand down. Fourteen "bush" transplantations missions completed (plus lots of recuperative/medicinal cold beers) and a two metre square area of lawn turf laid!

Translation: Odious summer gardening task completed now I can get back to the real hobby!

I could have done with a hand from this chap, an ANZAC M113 from JB Models (the mould now owned though perhaps not yet available by Airfix, I think). British Saladin armoured car turret meets M113 American APC. Now I guess it would be termed an "Infantry Fighting Vehicle" (IFV). 

The 1:76 is made but shamefully not under coated, I seem to have gone through a spree of gluing plastic kits together and leaving the painting for another time. :)

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Al said...

Nice one mate, good post.