Monday, 5 July 2010

Age of Eagles and the Spanish Ulcer

As the Ancients Campaign winds down life has been sparked into the Peninsular Campaign (1812+) for some Napoleonic action, using the F&F branded Age of Eagles

To this end a play-test or two has shown this aspiring French commander what not to do in honour of the Emperor.

Key points of interest/note:
  • Do not attempt to "escalade" (surprise attack with inferior numbers) a strong-point held by the KGL
  • Do not attempt to mass attack with only two columns (columnar) a strong-point held by the KGL
  • In fact either ignore (preferred option) or batter it with artillery
  • Only attack disordered British infantry
  • Don't let your cavalry be disordered (by artillery) as they form up to charge
  • Artillery is the King of the Battlefield, mass it
  • Expect brutal things from cavalry unless you disorder them first

Best not fritter away a Corp of Napoleon's finest and expect to see France again!

After a "tour de force" of what not to do,bring on the campaign ;)

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