Sunday, 10 July 2011

A List of Interesting Things (Idle Thoughts on a Sunday)

What's on the painting table without having a designated painting table (the curse of having things packed away in boxes). My current periods of historical interest/reading (in a haphazard order of sorts):
  • Ancient Greece (BCE 480-479): A lot of 15mm DBA armies and the question of how to play Salamis
  • WWII Naval 1:3000 [i] (Early Atlantic 1939-41) Up to and including Sink the Bismarck
  • WWII Naval 1:3000 [ii] (Early Pacific 1941-42) Japan Triumphant
  • WWII Naval 1:3000 [iii] (Early Mediterranean 1940-42) The Malta Battles
  • WWI Naval 1:3000 North Sea: Jutland
  •  WWII Western Front Infantry Battles: Those 20mm 1944 Normandy British Infantry to finish and some 20mm SHQ BEF figures (and an excuse to paint the Airfix Fairy Battle).
Game on :)


David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

With the exception of the Pacific the other three naval headings are right up my street and so I look forward on seeing your take on them.

Re Salamis - Tumbling Dice now have a range of 1/2400th ancient ships available....;-)

Email me re Jutland and Bismarck - I may be able to help you out with those.

All the best,


Paul said...

Very jealous about the Battle. Lucky sod!

Tim Gow said...

Actually that all sounds very orderly!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello David,

I am torn regarding the Tumbling Dice triremes, they look good en masse (several to a base) but I miss the detail of 1/1200 Navwar, but yet again think could I not knock up some masters myself and cast as good!

Hmmm, the pennies add up to quickly

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Paul I will have to do that Fairey Battle, I've waited so long I'm tempted to buy another two to may a sacrificial flight of three

My Westland Lysander just needs a tidy up to be finished too :)

Perfect for hopelessly optimistic air cooperation duties with the BEF

Al said...

mmm, looking forward to seeing the BEF Geordie