Sunday, 31 July 2011

Return of the Painting Tray : Lysander II

Topside done, the Lysander needs a shiny silver highlight to its Games Workshop Boltgun Metal underside. Nice and shiny in contrast to the other RAF 1940 half black, half blue undersides.

Then time to make the engine cowling have a bronze tinge to it. Pretty much there now painting wise, just a touch up and trim post-decals. All the time I spent on my RAF blue crew uniforms seemed to have been a tad wasted when seen from a wargaming distance :(

Next: The decals beckon (always my least favourite part but essential on a plane)  I hope they don't disintegrate on me again! To be fair Airfix have always sent me replacements when they do.


Paul said...

Looking even better. Yes figures are a drain on time and effort for the most part.

A splash of flesh and the yellow life jackets is all thats needed for the most part.

Model on.

Bard said...

Looks great!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It's also a bigger bird that you'd think.

The hardest part was sticking the parasol overhead wings to the see through canopy. Two different types of plastic that don't like sticking together.

Thank goodness for Humbrol's ClearFix and a bit of good old-fashioned cheap unbranded superglue