Saturday, 30 July 2011

Return of the Painting Tray: RAF Lysander

I made a special effort and while the "adults" were watching trashy TV, silently I arranged the living room table as per my defunct painting table (as best I could). The Lysander project (aka the 1940 BEF Army liaison/cooperation plane) was revived. I had last left the Lysander painted in base colours to which I added a mid tone and highlight to the greens and browns (see below).

And so, so very therapeutic this all was. I stood back looking down from above seeing her sitting in a brown field somewhere in France 1940 (see below).

I opted for the crazy Army Co-operation squadron version (No.4 Squadron, RAF Odiham, UK, 1939), a "shoot me down" death-wish operational remit if ever there was one, flying low and slow over a battlefield dominated by the Luftwaffe in 1940. Hopefully not many of them were deployed to France before disaster struck.

I do like the crazy stupid yellow stripes on her landing gear, which makes a bit of a mockery of her nice camouflage pattern. Perhaps NZ Paul and Al could have used her over Calais 1940, I think twenty of these were used to fly a one-way supply mission in, during the last desperate days.

All the time I was watched by "Wish" the latest addition to the family, a "stray cat" which has adopted us and looks set to stay (see below).

To do: A highlight of silver on the undersides, then it will be ready for decals and a varnish


Monty said...

Ahh...Geordie, the Lysander, friend of rescued Allied airmen
behind enemy lines etc, etc..:D

Yslaire said...

I'm not sure the cat really needs a silver highlight. Not sure he will even appreciate decals and varnish ^^
Good luck!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yslaire, well spotted


"She" is so curious maybe it's a fair bet that she will get both

At the moment we are trying to work out whether she is pregnant or not

Paul said...

Very nice work, alas the lysander Sqns were not needed in our battle has I had jerry all sewn up.

Just as well for the RAF!

Great post

Al said...

Great model mate. Funny we were discussing Calais last night over a game and a few, a Lysander would have been a great inclusion

Tim Gow said...

Nice Lysander - how I wish I could find one in 1/144! Not keen on the (or any) cat though.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Wargamers seem (like the rest of the world I guess) to be either cat-lovers or allergic/haters