Monday, 19 December 2011

1/1200 IJNS Yamato and IJNS Mushashi (again) Picture Extravaganza of Japanses Super-Dreadnoughts

Have camera will play! The "deadly sisters" IJNS Yamato (top) and IJNS Mushashi (below) on a stretched canvas or should I say ersatz sea of "blue pacific" oils:

From the high level bombing run (see above) to the low level reconnaissance pass (see below) with enemy armaments turning:

Just camera-happy clicking away (see below):

A close up of the IJNS Yamato's stern (see below). Here you can see the only real modelling difference between the two (Yamato and Mushashi) in the Revell kits. There is extra AA mounted on the the rear (Y turret) and forward 18" (B turret) main batteries of the Yamato:

Extra AA seen here on the front B turret (see below):

Still plenty of film left in the camera so I kept clicking away. The "long" shot (see below), not what you want to see coming at you at 25 knots:

Impressive even going looking back opposite way at the beasts (see below):

The IJNS Yamato in profile (see below):

And again:

Back to the high level target for the B-17's again (see below) plus can you see the edge of the world (see bottom of the picture below):

Any excuse for a close up, even slightly fuzzy, of those 18" batteries (see below):

The last picture of the series, let's not forget there is the IJNS Mushashi too (see below). After all I did her first over a year ago now (and even pretended she was meant to be the Yamato, oh the indignity) so let me give her a moment in the sun.

Well I thought I would blast these pictures out in one big post and get it all over and done with. I have to say I enjoyed that. There is the small question of an outstanding IJN carrier to finish, but I sense the need to move on too.

Are the fellow "treadheads" missing the tanks? I've got some more pictures lined up of early war  stuff to come, though yo might be surprised at the scale of these chaps ;)


Guidowg said...

These look brilliant, you've done agreat job.
As for gaming, maybe just aircraft attacking or PT boats, dont know what rules you would use but I'm sure there is something about.
Merry Christmas.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


Thanks for the compliments. They are nice looking back but did seem to take longer than I expected to finish.

HMS Hood or KM Prince Eugen next I think ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

For One-on-One ship actions I could use an AA game "Warship"

PT boats and planes attacking them in swarms would certainly be "fun" or a "challenge"

They both came to an end via the latter

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Really lovely looking models old chap! They look so business-like and are guaranteed to make most opposition quake with fear - speaking of which - any plans for some USN types?

All the best,


Itinerant said...

Great work. Fun to see progress made. Those are amazing ships. I'm new to nAval gaming and am using the Naval Thunder rules. I'm going to battling it out in the med and Atlantic. But seeing those is tempting to see how they would play out in game.

Peter Douglas said...

Very nice work!


El Grego said...

Well done sir! It has been a treat to watch these monsters come to life.

Whisperin' Al said...

Excellent work Geordie!!

Paul said...

Cracking good work Geordie, I can taste the salt in the air mate!

More tanks please

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for your comments lads I really appreciate them

Dave: I have already painted the USN "Big Stick" (Iowa) and have another two lined up under coated black for sometime in 2012

I'll have to check out "Naval Thunder" as I have never heard of them before

Glad you liked the build Greg :)

Have a great Xmas and New Year everybody

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PS Paul I can heard some tanks coming next ;)