Sunday, 18 December 2011

1/1200 IJNS Yamato gets some TLC ... highlighting

Three sisters (IJNS Yamato [bottom], IJNS Shinano [middle], IJNS Mushashi [top]):

The Yamato (right) gets some highlight work done (see below [right]), I decided to plane her aircraft white as per the Shinano 'air group'. The Mushashi's (see below [left]) planes are painted green, so at a glance I can tell the models apart!

Just playing around with the camera seeing them sideways from above. To highlight I added Tamiya Nuetral Grey XF-53 to the Games Workshop Adeptus BattleGrey, then added some Anita's Acrylics Cream White:

And then skewed at an angle (Yamato [top], Mushashi [bottom]):

It's a nice feeling now the battleships are done! I'll have to do the same to the Shinano now ;)


Guidowg said...

Looking very impressive. Are you intending to game with these?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Good Question

The why

Tabletop use, very limited though a battle between the two Yamato's and two Iowa's has its appeal

The more feasible battle is the Denmark Straight and the Channel Dash


I paint them mainly to try and make them look beautiful and because they are there ;)