Thursday, 27 June 2013

A "hand delivered" Parcel of Ancients

I didn't "go to the show" (Sheffield Triples) but I did manage to get some toys courtesy of a 'personal courier' who was attending the event for the Impetus games, so ...

In preparation for the forth coming staging of Peloponnesian War battle [418 BC] 'The First Battle of Mantinea' (scheduled for this autumn [2013]- where the Athenians have a last chance to pick up a long sought after victory, 2-0 against them in the 'Greek' campaign) I have acquired some more Irregular Miniatures 15mm hoplites - 32 figures all told. As well as being needed to flesh out the hoplite count for Mantinea it also nicely finishes of a DBA/DBM/FoD/Impetus 'Greek hoplite army' contingent (well the metal is amassed it is only a matter of painting and basing them now, see below):

Plenty of filing of "flash2 to be done here! In addition to these lead warriors my long running Circus Maximus project (to add miniature figures to the classic Avalon game) got a surge of six extra chariot combinations [running/wrecked]. Here stand another six 'running' chariots next to the original fifteen year old painted Ben Hurr lookalike (see below): 

Naturally those six magnificent chariots and charioteers plus their steeds (the most important, nay intelligent, part of the team IMHO) could be reduced to mere Colosseum 'churn' (see below, again alongside a fifteen year old seventh "wreck" counter)

These "ancients" are rather a stark contrast to my current WWII 20mm projects, but it always good to have a "Plan B" to keep things ticking over.

Note: Seeing that this is !post number 617" to this blog I have to make some passing reference to 617 Squadron "The Dambusters" especially since it is the '70th Anniversary' of the raid. Lest we forget!

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Yup always nice to do something different 10mm wars of the Roses in the Autumn for me as a small 'sideline' project!