Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More 1/76 British Commandos (Matchbox re-issued by Revell)

My recent interest in the fate of the Airfix commandos was kindled by the acquisition of the old Matchbox (now Revell) 1/76 kit (see below):

These were figures I "never had" as a child". They notably come with a "surprised German sentry", something I previously thought was pure folklore.

The "collector" in me now naturally wants the Caesar and Italeri/Esci British Commando figures too!

Footnote: My eyes are also glued for the other Revell/Matchbox packs from WW2:
  • British Infantry
  • German Infantry
  • American Infantry
  • Anzac Infantry
  • Japanese Infantry
  • 8th Army
Not sure they did a DAK too? (Although for "balance" you thought they would!)


Arquinsiel said...

There brown box Revell British Infantry are TINY. I'm not sure they're even 1:76, they're shoulder high to most other Revell stuff at best.

Fraxinus said...

Yup they did Africa Korps..I think a couple of the figures featured in the tank kits (grenade thrower for example with the diorama pieces ie PzII kit) The Anzacs were my favorite as they included a mule!

Fire at Will said...

yes Matchbox did do a DAK set

Leif Eriksson said...

They are 1:76 scale alright. Revell 1/72 figures are a bit over scale I think. Scale creep and all that. People forget how big figures were back in the day.

I'm pretty sure matchbox did DAK too. I remember owning them, but it might have been in 1:32 scale.

Uncle Brian said...

Matchbox did do an Afrika Korps set

that I am sure will be reissued by Revell, as they seem to be reissuing the rest!

Paul said...

Yup Geordie, they sure did a DAK set which paint up really nice into late war types.

Both the Commandos and AK remind me of the Battle comic artwork.

DaveM said...

Back in the day, the Matchbox DAK were a must have for tripod MGs (before the lovely Revell DAK MGs were available) and for alternative mortar guys and other late war types (plenty of long pants!). Also lots of good poses in caps for conversion to artillery bods. Unfortunately the scale creep in 1/72 has made them look ridiculous next to all except Airfix and a few of the more diminutive Caesar sets. Mine are mixed in with some of the earlier (ie smaller) Revell figs, but never on the same stand...

Cheers, Dave

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hmm, all this is talk is simply whetting my appetite :)

Whisperin Al said...

Blimey this all takes me back a bit!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

To a land far, far away (when times were simpler)

PS With respect to your north of the border (Scottish) ECW I did dabble with the thought of buying the Montrose army pack from Warlord Games

But I flinched at the price and reckoned there was too much kit in it anyway for what I needed

I may get battalion starter pack from them at some time and a pack or two of the Irish Brigade ;)