Monday, 24 June 2013

Fathers Day Book Present: D-Day "Then and Now" (Vol.1)

One of the great things about this strange old hobby is that one thing leads to another in a leteral fashion. It's more of a network than a linear path. So the CrossFire game leads to a Pegasus Bridge scenario which leads me to go back pick up and read an old Ambrose book of the same name that had been lurking on my shelves for what seems to have been a decade (literally). Which makes for an enjoyable read (see below).

My one comment is that it seems to be of great insight from an Allied perspective but is more of a 'best guess/speculative" on the German OoB, heavily influenced methinks by Von Luck's memoirs IMHO (coincidently another book I have on my shelf but unusually already across in the "read section" and I returned to read the D-Day section again).

So the connection back to Father's Day in the title came from is a self-requested present "along the D-Day theme" that got readily agreed by the 'household commissariat' as my perfect Father's Day "hobby" gift which distracted me while the kids ate all my chocolate Celebrations (I kid you not).


Seeing as I already have the D-Day part 2 book, I can now boast have the complete set ready for more CrossFire scenario redaction :)


James Brewerton said...

some good books, I love how books can fire you up for painting/gaming
Peace James

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It makes you feel like the disparate interests of put hobby sometimes have a certain synergy to them :)