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Space Crusade: Blood Angels Painting Frenzy

Space Crusade was a late 1980's, early 1990's Party Game from Games Workshop filled with a variety of Warhammer 40K goodies (Space Marines) and baddies (a little bit of everything but Alien [Genestealers] and RoboCop [Dreadnought] influences can be clearly seen). It also gives me the excuse to justify my ad-hoc smattering of GW and non-GW Sci-Fi figures. Whereas if you "play the 40K game proper" you need shed loads of kit. Space Crusade and it's cousin Space Hulk lets you play a beer and pretzel game with friends in an evening. Perfect for "my time of life" and a planned March get together with some old buddies.

I need to paint two batches of five Space Marines in Blood Angels (Red) and Imperial Fists (Yellow) for the game (to take it to that extra level, rather than playing with bare plastic). As luck would have it I am already covered with a small gang of Ultra Marines (Blue). The baddies are covered by "subbing in from other sources" (for example instead of Chaos Space Marines I will use Tau, instead of Space Orks [creatures IMHO are unbelievable in Sci-Fi setting, as I could not believe they could make it into space and stay alive] I will use Tyranids). As long as they are painted suitably Sci-Fi I am happy.

Task 1: My Five Blood Angels: (See below)

Rough Painting Summary: 
  • Airfix Grey Primer (01)
  • Vallejo Dark Red (Shade) Gory Red  72011 (Game Color)
  • Vallejo Red and Brown Wash (Recess Shadow) Red Shade 73206 + Umber Shade 73203 
  • Vallejo Dark Red (Shade II ) Gory Red 72011 (Game Color]
  • Vallejo Black on Metallic Areas. Eyes and Under-suit Joints (block out detail areas for later) 72051 (Game Color)
  • Vallejo Medium Red (Base) Bloody Red 72010 (Game Color)
  • Vallejo Orange (Highlight) Hot Orange 72009 (Game Color)
  • Vallejo Gun Metal (Metallic areas and base for "Gold" markings) 70863 (Model Color)
  • Vallejo Grey (Highlight under-suit) Stonewall Grey 72049 (Game Color)
  • Anita Acrylics (11208) Bronze  for Markings and Trimmings
  • Anita Acrylics Highlight Gold Markings
  • Eyes Green (Shade) Cayman Green 72067 (Game Color)
  • Eyes Green (Base) Sick Green 72029 (Game Color)
  • Eyes Green (Highlight) Escorpena Green 72032 (Game Color)
  • Eyes Reflection (White dot) Dead White 72001 (Game Color)
  • Non-Metallic part of Weapons Highlight (Grey) Stonewall Grey 72049 (Game Color)
  • Black Wash Weapons
  • Metallic Part of Weapons Highlight (Silver)
Space Marine Sergeant (only): 
  • Flesh and Hair (Shade) Dark Fleshtone 72044 (Game Color)
  • Flesh (Base) Dwarf Skin 72041 (Game Color)
  • Flesh (Highlight) Dwarf Skin 72041 + Dead White 72001 (Game Color)
  • Hair (Base) Leather Brown 72040 (Game Color)
  • Hair (Highlight) Leather Brown 72040 + Dead White 72001 (Game Color)
Note: Quite a lot of work in the end. Useful Painting Guide Video Links:

Apathetic Fish: Blood Angels
Official GW Site: Blood Angels Painting Video

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