Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sci-Fi Continued: Original Space Crusade Genestealers

Having played one game of Space Crusade with fill-in miniatures I wanted to do full justice to the baddies, in particular the Genestealers. First of all they are primed Grey and given a thick purple wash by mixing Vallejo Red and Blue washes (2:1) together to give them an "evil look" (see below):

The terrible threesome are given a Vallejo Plague brown shade over the bone carapace armour (see below):

This in turn was layered  up with a Vallejo Bone White and Vallejo Off White highlight. The skin area was given a shade/base of Vallejo Impetial Blue and layered upbu adding successive amounts of Vallejo Stone Grey to create a patchy sickly skin (see below):

One is bad enough but three? (see below):

Never got to use them last game ... watch out Space Marines "if you go down into the Space Hulk today you are in for a big surprise!"

Note: I tried to be true to the original box cover art with the 'white bone and blue skin' colour scheme

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