Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fairey Battle's Topside

Time to try out the new Airfix Satin Dark Green paint (163) out. It looks much thicker than the normal acrylic mixtures, more paste than paint, even after what I considered a good stir. It was hard work even getting it slightly wetter by mixing in additional water. With some trepidation I tried my first application. The Earth Brown Airfix (29) was more standard paint, in fact I used Tamiya 52 Earth Brown as per the equivalent charts (see below for results):

Mixed feelings as to how good it looks. The Matte Brown means that I will either have to varnish it up to Satin or the green down to Matte (which seems pointless).

To be continued ...


Paul Foster said...

It looks rather uneven. Perhaps its because its such a large area, or maybe it was not quite dry yet.

Nice shade however. This build has taken longer than the operational life of the Battle!

Keep pushing on mate.

Al said...

agreed, the shade is tops, crack on Geordie

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Slowly getting there folks ;)

The brown is matte, hence the strange effect. I am about to satin coat it to see how she looks

Watch this space