Monday, 13 April 2015

Fairey Battle Progress

Canopy and radio aerial added to the Fairey Battle  (bar the rear gunner's bit) and the brown earth (Airfix 29 and Tamiya 52) given a Satain Gloss Varnish coat to make it look the same as the satin green (Airfix 163). The Humbrol Clearfix worked well getting the see through canopy in place without the annoying smudges associated with plastic cement disasters of the past. Next, I took a deep breath and with a steady hand painted the canopy lines with a strong dark black (Vallejo Game Colour Black). I also stained the exhausts with a Vallejo Burnt Umber Wash (see below):

Quite pleased with how she is coming along. I usually try and shade, base and highlight the colour scheme but I will probably just leave this one basic, get the decals on, then think about weathering ;)


Renko said...

Looking good - one suggestion, I think the canopy panel frame would normally be an extension of the fuselage colour, so not black - unless you have other info?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Oh heck, she is still very much a WIP, yes the "canopy black" m
has to be replaced with Satin Green and Brown yet :)

Getting there ;)