Monday, 2 March 2015

Hobby Review: State of Play (End of February)

New Year's Resolution#1: "To play 20 Games(*1) in 2015"

1.       Computer Game: Age of Empires Castle Siege (and enjoying it, Level 6)
2.       Candy Crush (Started since Xmas, Level 103)
3.       [Future] Planned Blood Bowl (Purchased online from HuddleBubble, but waiting for a new PC before I start playing)
4.       [Future] Planned Space Crusade Retro-Gaming Night (March)

Notes: These include: Tabletop Wargame (multi-player or solo), PBM or Computer Moderated, Multi-Player OnLine Game(s), Board Game (multi-player or solo). Difficulty [Predicted Hard but I think I am cracking it]

New Year's Resolution#2: "To finish 24 Modelling Projects  in 2015"

1.       Airfix Matilda II #7 (Project Type [a]) Complete
2.       Airfix Matilda II #8 (Project Type [a]) Complete
3.       AWI 28mm Painting Prototype Figure (Project Type [d]) Complete
4.       AWI 28mm Regular Infantry Unit (14 Figures) (Project Type [c]) WIP (1 of 14)
5.       Airfix Matilda II #9 (Project Type [a]) Complete
6.       StarGruntz GZG 15mm Infantry Platoon (10 Figures) (Project Type [c]) WIP (8 of 40)
7.       Airfix Fairey Battle (Project Type [a]/[b]) WIP
8.       Games Workshop Space Marines (Blood Angels) WIP
9.       Games Workshop Space Marines (Imperial Fists) WIP

Project Types: (a) making a larger scale model from kit in box to assembled [1/76+ vehicle or plane, 1/1200+ ship], (b) painting a larger scale an assembled model [see (a)], (c) painting a tactical squad of troops or small scale wargaming OoB element [1/200 or 1/300 micro-tanks or aircraft. 1/3000 scale ships], (d) Painting Prototype(s) for (c) if an in-depth mini project.

Notes: Difficulty [Medium, though it is looking easy given the unexpected backlog/supply of Airfix "tanks" I have recently found in the loft I would say more easy, so I upped the target tally to 24]

New Year's Resolution#3: "To read 5 Wargaming Related Book in 2015"

·         None! (As yet, though there is plenty of latent reading matter lying around the house, as my wife constantly reminds me)

Notes:  This includes, new Rule Books, Historical Reference Books, Historical Novels, Campaign Histories, Books on Modelling Techniques excludes magazines. Difficulty [Easy, er well I seem to have struck out in January/February, much to my surprise (again).

New Year's Resolution#4: "To experiment with Digital Resources for my Hobbies"

Note: This includes "Getting a Kindle" (at some point), playing On-Line Games (which probably means getting a new computer) ... this could mean goodbye to some books, or at least not so many new ones! Difficulty [Medium, still medium]

Cor, this is quite a serious looking post (again), 2015 mapped out!


Renko said...

Sorry Mark but Candy Crush just cannot count

Monty said...

Wow! Good luck, Geordie ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Monty ;)

Renko "There's more explosions in one level of Candy Crush than the average CoC game" ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PS Currently beggars cannot be choosers. As you know I need to get out a bit more. Hopefully post March :)