Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dirty Yellow Deadly Eggs: The Fairey Battle's Payload

Slow progress on the Fairey Battle, but some progress is at least is a positive report. I decided to have "my Fairey Battle" in an action 'bomb run' pose with her bomb bay doors open showing her deadly cargo (of 4 x 250lb bombs). In order to authentically do this the ordnance had to be painted yellow with red stripe to wards the tip, sigh (see below):

Yes it was a bit of a pain but I managed it. I even went as far as painting the interior area with a gunmetal dry-brush over a black undercoat. even though inside and 99% out of view. In my defense little bits do legitimately 'peek through' near the wheels. The bombs themselves were painted yellow, but built up from a dark yellow/light brown with two or three successive highlights using whatever was to hand (various Vallejo and Tamiya pots I think), then washed in Vallejo Umber Shade to 'dirty up'. All extreme perhaps, including the silly (but visible red line) I painted on by hand (having chickened out of doing it with the decals provided). The hope is to get the finished Battle looking 'rough and dirty' as befits its chaotic short life span on a French ploughed field runway before it was overrun by the advancing Germans.

Next step is to give it an overall basic paint scheme and then do the canopy!


Paul Foster said...

Good progress Geordie.

Yellow bombs? What a nifty idea.

Michael Peterson said...

Yellow bombs is a new one on me, too! Respect to you for being determined to get it right.