Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Xmas Present Review

It may seen kind of late but this is what I got for Xmas on the modelling front (see below):

Courtesy of the Airfix "Black Friday" discount promotion when I 'hassled' the family about "What dad thought was cool for Xmas". At £20 instead of £50 it seemed a bargain. I think I have re-learnt this trick from the kids. I didn't stop there as I went a tad nautical crazy and picked up an E-Boat for £10 instead of the usual £35! (see below):

Last but not least was the Saturn V Skylab (£15 instead of £40). It'll come in handy for a Science Projdct honest! (See below):

I was then tranqilised and sedated but not before I had clicked on the Cutty Sark Starter Pack (£2.49 instead if £8), a 1/350 spare RN Helicopter and Sea Harrier pack (£0.99 instead of £4.99) and an M3 Half-Track (£2.49 instead of £8) all just to qualify for the free P&P and perversely save me money on the order!

My excuse was that I was doing the family a favour and saving them all from hours at the "shops the ladies hate!"


Paul Foster said...

Excellent savings here Geordie!

The E-Boat for a tenner! Bargin!

Tim Gow said...

I think you did your family a great service by saving them from all that tedious shopping. I am torn between regret and relief that I missed this sale....

Plasticviking said...

A Cutty Sark starter pack ! Presumably leads on to plastic dependancy ? :)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Big projects each with a long time scale and dubious wargaming potential

I did do well to resist the 1:24 scale Mustang (but only just)!