Monday, 16 February 2015

Something from the Weekend Sir?

Well along with sticks of rock and buckets of sweets from the seaside shops, Daddy picked himself up a curio from a little toy shop (see below):

These ex-Matchbox, new Revell 1:76 figures are real classics. I don't remember Marchbox doing anything as interesting as the Falklands War! To be fair I fancy them taking a crack at 1970/80 era Soviets in the same way Paul down under has been playing recently ;)

Addendum: (see below I already had purchased the British Infantry of WWII pack, silly me, still on the look-out for the others though):

When I see any of this classic old range I have vowed to snap them up.

  • WWII German
  • WWII 8th Army
  • WWII Japanese
  • WWII US .
Note: The picture does not do them justice :(


Paul Foster said...

The sets I grabbed were full of flash. A wee bit disappointed, but still happy to see them re-released!

Buy a set of A Call To Arms British 1970's Infantry and you are set!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Fairly flash free I am happy to report :)

If I see the Call to Arms set it will grad it ;)