Monday, 2 February 2015

AWI Brtish Infantry "Rethink and then Repose"

Well I have been looking at the Perry AWI British Infantry on my bathroom shelf (my prime 'painting project viewing' position, despite the wife's protestations) for quite a while now and I have come around to the unsavory conclusion that I did not like the back rankers "poses". They were a little too lackadaisical for my liking. A bit 'camp' Boy Scout not really meaning anything, just lumbering along holding a musket in one hand. Luckily the Perry box has a huge amount of variant poses, so after a few surgical 'arm breaking' they were recast with more menace (see below):

Looking at the spares still left in the box and I see that I can do the same again for the other regular line unit, maybe short by one pair of arms (the six lights in forage camp were already advancing menacingly). All-in-all still worth the faff for the end result, especially as I will have have to contend with Renko's elite 'well painted' troops when I finally get round to playing agame of Muskets and Tomahawks.


Michael Peterson said...

An interesting place to ponder one's minis. Your wife is very patient, I'm sure.
Renko had some interesting things to say of late about historicity in M&T.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The shelf is also high enough to be away from the kids outstretched arms ;)

Renko is an "officer and a gentleman" and I feel his pain. I have seen too many competition DBM/DBMM (the latter at least tries to do the "right thing") moves in my time.

It turns my stomach when a rule-set is turned 180 degrees in order to win via a "cunning mechanism". I don't mind "trying things out" but the "factor bandits" who get a +1 via clever interpretation are tiring :(

Rant over