Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chaos Space Marine

Had a little play with an old GW figure from Space Crusade as a painting skill test starting with a Vallejo Burnt Umber wash then topped it with a Red wash. It certainly picks the detail out nicely (see below):

Then a Vallejo Gory Red and Anita's Acrylic Bronze to give a basic cover, that in turn gets a Vallejo Black wash to make it sinister. The figure is then reworked up with a simple highlight (see below):

The jet pack is given a bronze and Anita's Acrylic Gold treatment, highlighted with Anita's Acrylic Titanium Gold (see below):

The inner space suit casing was given the gold treatment too, for that crazy Chaos effect. The red was highlighted up to Vallejo Blood Red. I added my own "lurid green glowing power cell" look to the backpack by walking through Vallejo's shades of green (see below):

The end result: "Nasty Mean Man" looking for something soft, cute and furry to beat up or failing that a 'goodie' Space Marine ;)

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