Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Thoughts on Undercoating taking a Dip

When you have a magic bottle of "Dipping Formula Immersion" (Vallejo 73.300 Sepia Shade) what would be more sensible thing to do other than use it? As long as you don't get the dipping mixed up or out of sequence with the Doritos and the Carling Export (see below):

First up some old Games Workshop Empire Spearmen (Renaissance in my book) primed first with Airfix Grey Primer (Paint Tin #1). Then call on the "Sepia Shade" dip for some quite quick impressive results (see below)

Keeping with the Games Workshop theme but this time Science Fiction some Tau "Kroots" again get primed first in "Airfix fashion" (see below):

Then "dipped", which in my book is achead shoulder immersion (approximately a third to quarter of the figure), then spread the wash evenly in uneven measure over the figure with the aid of some rough strokes of the brush (does that make sense?). The darker chap to the far left is a tradition undercoating scheme of Vallejo Game Colour "Charred Brown". I am thinking I may be able to save myself a little paint work in lightening up the "washed figures" by comparison to the dark brown undercoat (see below):

I don't mind the greenish brown ting as these critters ferret around being grubby (no such thing as uniform, more tribal furs) and the Landsknechts themselves are a dirty lot too, once they have been in the field for a few weeks campaigning.

The washed figures once dried do give good definition to detail and have good shadow shade, let's see what they look like when a coat of paint hits them en masse ;)

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