Friday, 2 October 2015

Airfix "Das Boot" 1/400

Cue "Bas Boot" music ....

Although small, this ex-Heller (now re-distributed by Airfix kit) certainly captures the sinister shape and feel of VIIc U-Boat, aka the "scourge of the Atlantic". The 1/400 scale is slightly odd to fit into my other big naval modelling ranges (1/600, 1/720 and 1/700) but could comfortably "sit on the mantelpiece" as a mini-model to attract the attention of inquisitive kids and cats (see below):

If truth be told it was a bit of a whimsy purchase, spotting it marked as slightly damaged (scratched packaging and without the starter paints) at half price (£4.00) in a garden shop of all places I took a punt at it. 

This is its basic colour scheme but I feel the need to "weather it up a bit" to give it a North Atlantic patrol 'feel'. Time for a few dark Vallejo washes and a bit of rust. That can come later.


Now how do I get it on the tabletop?


Al said...

Classic mate!

Uncle Brian said...

Very nice! Perhaps you could use it as a sub scale objective in a commando raid game? (Sorry - I couldn't resist the poor pun)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I think I might just end up playing with it once the kids have gone to sleep ;)