Friday, 30 October 2015

October Project: Day 26 "Basing (II) Brown and Black Earth"

Once the sand has dried, or in the case of impatient and impetus people like myself, is "almost dry" (say 80% there) slosh together a very wet [think along the lines of a heavily coloured "wash" constituency] dark earth mix (Anita's Acrylic Earth Brown 11014) and apply it to the miniatures base, letting the sand soak all the paint up (see below, the platoon formation):

An individual MG Gunner (see below);

Just to be different, I then mix a dab of black (in this case the remaining Airfix Acrylic Matte Black from a starter set) into the watery mixture, leaving the figures for a few hours (again almost but not quite dry) and re-coat it over (see below):

This gives the base a bit more shadow that I can work up from when I layer the paint on. Again still going to plan aka the original 2009 Painting Guide.

Next: Painting the Base, from Shade to Highlight

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