Monday, 12 October 2015

October Project: Day 8 "Shiny Metal and Stuff"

Time for a metallic black sheen to be taken to the gun surfaces and the like. Out pops my favourite paint pot, Anita's Acrylic Metallic Black. If gives a shiny black base flecked with odd bits of silver. Given there is really a few touches per figure it is done in a jiffy (see below):

So quick in fact I pop out Vallejo Games Color Scorched Brown to shade the wooden gun stock areas and then likewise take the flesh areas on with Vallejo Game Color Dark Flesh (see below):

I seemed to have managed to jump ahead of schedule which is good news as with the shade colour phase of the painting done, it is back to the tunic to "base colour" up from the shade which may take a few sessions.

Still going to plan aka the original 2009 Painting Guide.

Next: Adding the Base Coat on the Tunic

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