Thursday, 5 May 2016

15mm Madness Continues .. Pocket Money Toys

Now that my interest is "spiked" (as in active) in 15mm I am drawn to the 'Zvezda stands' in model shops. On a recent visit to Nottingham I acquired a KV2 (top left, a chunk beast), a T-26 (top right, delicate but both beautiful and easy to assemble), a BA-10 Armoured Car (bottom right, which was/is a 'work of miniature construction 'art' - very, very impressed) and finally a Matilda II (bottom left) which will probably be sporting Russian colours. Incredibly they snap together, although this time I also applied "liquid glue" ("Plastic Weld" which is well suited as it is very runny and slips into the cracks nicely). You probably spied my Russian leanings at the moment, I just love that 'wacky' Early War stuff (see below):

Still to come out of their boxes are the PSC 15m Russian T34's, Infantry and Heavy Weapons plus AT guns. I am just fascinated with the Zvezda range as they seem to be bringing out all sorts. I saw a M3 Lee in Russian colours, plus Russian Trucks and Stalin's Organs! Yes I will eventually catch up with the Germans too. Once upon a time 15mm was metal, criminally expensive for the numbers you needed but now its "cheap as chips" :)

The idea for the BT-'s and T-26's is to eventually field large formations (a dirty dozen plus - encroaching on my Action 200 Skytrex territory but they are too nice). Who knows I may play Flames of War yet! They are also "cool" for a ton of other rule sets too ;)


Paul Foster said...

The worm certainly has turned for you Chumrade.

Nice buys!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I know, I used to drool about getting my hands on this kit in 20mm
The 15mm stuff is so "playable"
The tanks in particular look far less bulky on the table

Some PSC T-34's next
Although if truth be told I should be painting my 1/72 in time of the anniversary of the Battle of France and the Meuse Bridge attack that netted a couple of VC's