Friday, 27 May 2016

Chain of Command: Normandy (Part I)

A training scenario: A platoon of British infantry advance supported by armour (aka Winnie the Churchill Tank) meeting a platoon of German Panzer Grenadiers with armour backup (aha Timmy the Terrible Tiger).

After a disappointing Patrol Phase the Brits get a Squad on table, claiming the "high ground" in the middle of the table.Like a magnet this raws a German Panzer Grenadier Team opposite then (see below):

Both sides bring on their armour early, the Germans gaining a significant psychological edge with their Tiger (see below, after twenty years it finally makes it onto a 'live' wargaming table, its wargaming destiny is being fulfilled):

The Brits meanwhile hammer one section of the German Squad, shock and KIAs cause the German Senior Officer to come on as fast as he can to restore 'a sense of teutonic order' about things (see below, note this means leaving the two man team of Panzerschrekers playing cards in a bunker - they may be just a tad reluctant to come on later, who knows?):

Meanwhile the Tiger crawls forwards, cobered by another Panzer Grenadier Squad deployed in the French Farmhouses (see below):

The Brits have not been idle either as two full squads deploy in rough ground on their right and try to reduce the Gothic graveyard held by the final Panzer Grenadier Squad (see below):

Meanwhile the murderous firefight goes on in the middle leaving both sides 'shocked and KIA'ed' but just holding on.

To Be Continued ...


Paul Foster said...

Tasty looking table and toys Geordie! More please.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The scenario rolls on
Proud to say that all the stuff is mine

My Platoon 20 WWII Brits are getting a fair deal of action, as per my Revell 20mm German Panzer Grenadiers

It would be nice if the Hasagawa Tiger I 'did something' on the wargames table after its 25 year incubation period

Chain of Command is a very nice platoon skirmish game

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PS Scheduled for a continuation this week so watch this space!