Monday, 30 May 2016

And I thought I didn't do Space Marines

I thought I said I didn't really do Space Marines but then I had a "bargain shiny" moment in a charity shop as someone was obviously in discard mode and selling old unmade stuff at half price. Hence I start making these guys (see below, Black Templars):

Which became these thirteen "bad boys" (see below):

Then there were these five, Blood Angels Death Company,whatever that is (see below, shiny metal and plastic which brought on some interesting superglue moments):

Then there were some odds and sods in a cast off box, Scouts and left over parts to make three "unique" Space Marines (see below):

At the very end from the "spare box" the miscellaneous Frankenstein Space Marines even got their own (Space Marine signature) '1970's style shoulder pads' (see below):

But remember,I don't do Space Marines (other than one off Space Crusade game nights), yet somehow I have forty nine of them now, which means I guess I have no shortage odd painting projects ahead of me.

Hmm, I should really do that 1940 Battle of France Fairey Battle first!

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