Thursday, 27 April 2017

Caught with my hand in the Rule Book(s): Osprey Wargaming titles

It is an easy online thing to 'accidentally' do .. that is, without overtly noticing it yourself (blame the subconscious or was it the Freudian "Id"), ahem until the "Wife" one day stops you at the door and points out that "another package" has arrived! (Caught with the hand in the proverbial "cookie jar").I blame it on the click-ability 'ease' of Amazon "Osprey" online book shopping, see all the pictures below, soI seem to have picked up er, eight somehow.

"The defence case M'lord":

While I am in the process of building up to an Impetus sized army ("long time process of 'figure loving' for me circa 60+ figures per side") I have (or rather) will be using the following rules with warbands of circa 12 .. 40 figures aside instead in skirmish mode (see below):
  • Lion Rampant (Medievil)
  • The Pikeman's Lament (English Civil War)

Science Fiction (flying a space ship) and Ultra Modern Special Ops, with even less figures (aka working with squads) ranging from the Sci-Fi medley of various GW "things" with miscellaneous robot types from other sources, to the ubiquitous deniable Black Ops (Modern, post 1945 to 2045+) being aimed at reusing the more human looking Sci-Fi or modern 20mm plastics [though there could be the excuse to purchase some (as in mere handful) of ultra modern in the sexy 28mm] (see below):
  • Rogue Stars .. Lazer guns are us
  • Black Ops .. "I cannot confirm or deny that this operation took place!"

"Odd balls" miscellania, a catch all at the end, Roman Fantasy (something else to do with that Early Imperial 28mm plastic Warlord Games and some existing D&D Fantasy monster figure types) and a Samurai Rule Set ... because I know I will not be able to resist getting the lasted Warlord Games "Test of Honour" game but may want to "go my own way" and not be hauled into getting their OoB (see below):
  • Broken Legions .. Fun with a Gladius! 
  • Ronin .. "Hei"

Nearing the end. At least the naval section is in the normal wargaming "active" category. For my 1/1200 Navwar ancient triremes and 1/1200 Navwar Napoleonic "Ships of the Line" I have started evaluating these along with other commercial rule sets (see below):
  • Poseidon's Warriors (Triremes)
  • Fighting Sail (Napoleonic)

Summary: In general, shopping with the Amazon bug gets each of the above for 'under a tenner' (aka below Osprey RRP). They are more of the "introductory level" of basic rules (good for stuff not in my usual period: aka WWII), a standard slightly beyond the "local club house rules" [at least better play tested and Osprey production quality] but below the £25+ level of "in depth" full production "niche period" [hurting your wallet] extravaganza of charts and tables.

I expect to play and tinker with all the above. In fact I have really collected them to be able to "jump start" into periods I have (or almost have) figures for but lack real "deep" background knowledge. I will try and avoid the "buy them all" (though others are interesting) syndrome, but in the end if they get 'one game on the table' with a friend they have served their wargaming purpose! I plan to play Shart Practice II for Napoleonics but as of yet I have not been tempted into playing Steam Punk ;)


Stryker said...

Careful, your wife may disable your Amazon one click! The books are tempting though...

Peter Douglas said...

Been there, done that, got the rule books! I am an unashamed rules junkie - I love to read them for ideas even if they cover periods or scales that I'm not interested in.

FYI I've moved to e-books to avoid getting busted at the door! They are also cheaper and arrive instantaneously, helpful when you are both cheap and impatient.

Monty said...

A fine haul, Geordie! I have resisted the pull of multiple rules sets; sticking to THW, Crossfire and Force on Force. Although I did recently purchase (via Amazon) The Men who would be Kings - for interest/research! My time is very limited to keep re-learning rules, sadly...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Gents

I know I am not alone
Need to "play some games" now

Watch this space!

Matt Crump said...

Wow that might be slightly too many rule systems ?....good luck though. We do play a lot of Lion/Dragon Rampant variations finding them excellent for quick easy but fun gamesūüôā

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hi Mat,

The Rule System coverage is to enable "dormant" figures to attain their wargaming destiny ;)

I am "spread" in interests

Good gaming!