Sunday, 9 April 2017

Revell TIE Fighter (Completed)

It is nice to finish a project .. completely. I assembled the model back in 2016, then promptly decided it was too good for the kids to play with (aka break it, it is a plastic model not a Tonka toy) so it would have to "hang in display fashion". So I gave it a real dirty looking blackwash. So next was a clean up coat of Official Imperium Grey [for Imperial use only], with a little light grey highlight to follow (see below):

I was not satisfied with the perspex windows so black lined then painted grey over the top (see below):

Then followed the hanging from the ceiling pantomime (see below, note I am following the official Gerry Anderson hang it with cotton guideline, silver not black):

Job well done, one happy little chappie. Methinks more stuff may head to the ceiling. Not so sure the wife will let me use our ceiling in the same way ;)

Now back to putting those 28mm figures together!


Monty said...

Excellent work, really good!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes, I find myself lingering looking up at the ceiling wanting one in my room ;)