Sunday, 19 November 2017

Big Boys .. this is just a simulation (or rather a "painting exercise") .. not the start of a collection.

Tim Gow do not get excited I am NOT going 54mm "that is the way of madness" I was only practising some 'painting techniques' on my son's "big toy soldiers". There is no reason to be alarmed gentlefolk of the jury, this was a "one off", despite a curious feeling of enjoyment in not having to squint so much! (see below, two Airfix Australians, a Star Wars Storm Trooper and a Jedi milling around on the painting tray):

Note: I need to be concentrating on my naval for the Denmark Straits battle, you can see a pot of Tamiya Blue in the background ;)


Tim Gow said...

That looks like a very balanced force you’re building. And as for it being a one-off, I used to think that too. I’ll see you at the bottom of the slippery slope......

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hm, methinks you may speak the truth as when you cannot return said toys to their rightful owner ;)

We'll see
Back to 1/3000 and 1/1200 in the meantime