Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Letting the youngest DM .. and me being Solo Adventurer!

Having walked the kids through their first D&D adventure I could see the sparkle stay in my youngest's eyes (he's only seven). He so wanted to "play with the toys" I had to let him become the storyteller (DM) and you know what, I think that bright young mind did it far better job than me. I was placed in the precarious situation of being a solo "dungeoneering". "This won't last long" I thought to myself, first monster and he will choose the biggest one in the box (probably the Umber Hulk ... a miniature that has never yet been killed in one of my D&D games)! So there I was walking across the stony floor of a chamber and it was announced that I had encountered a trap. Ooops.  One (failed) skill test later and I was left imprisoned by a falling cage (in true comic book fashion). That was it I thought .. monster meat! However with a benevolent sense of imagination, the monster that appeared was a small mushroom man that befriended me. He (it?) said that it would help me escape as it knew where the special key was for the cage! I then played the mushroom man getting the key from a locked chest. Ingenious. He (or was it, it?) set me free and my new BBF and I explored the next room (see below, we are sneaking around in the background trying not to be seen by a Big Blue Monster and two young hatch-ling Dragons [Red and Blue]):

One unremitting axiom of dungeoneering is that where you find treasure chests you find big ugly monsters. In this case a green one that came from a very old Warhammer starter pack. I didn't manage to catch his name as he bludgeoned me into the ground (three rounds of combat which I all lost) as I was distracted open treasure chest withe the allure of gold inside it (see below, I was left unconscious as my new BBF did a very good "hide in the shadows" which is perhaps what I should have done):

Luckily my mushroom BBF was on the ball to once again come to my rescue. It(?) sneaked away and opened a chest where he knew there was a secret healing potion in that resuscitated me (see below, my seven year old was definitely out dungeoneering me hands down):

Once I was back on my feet Mr Mushroom introduced me to Miss Mushroom (pink hat, I get it) his girlfriend(?) who would help me from here "as it was too dangerous for him to go on". Not only narrative but he ingested the sense of peril into the storytelling. I was impressed (see below):

There we had to leave it until another time. My only chance of survival is to "follow the mushroom" to find a way to safety. I think my youngest is a bit of a groovy hippy at heart ;)


Chris said...

My 9-year-old (at the time) did not do quite so well as a first-time GM. Actually, he wasn't all that bad, except that he kept telling my buddy and I what we were doing, rather than wait for us to tell HIM what we were doing. Still, we managed to stagger on until we got to the final room. Says my son: "You see before you an aged wizard. He's a kind man, a wise man, but a man who wound up with 1 of his feet on the moon." I guess it wasn't exactly kind of us, but my buddy and I absolutely cracked up. To halt the merriment, my son quickly amended his description: "He was a kind man, a wise man, but a man who wound up partly on the moon, and partly in the dungeon." This did not stop the laughter. 25 years later it still evokes a chuckle!

Best regards,

Chris Johnson

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I think your son is a literary genius what profession did he choose?

I so long to meet "a wise man, but a man who wound up with one of his feet on the moon" or even "a kind man, a wise man, but a man who wound up partly on the moon, and partly in the dungeon" which sounds like a Terry Gillian hero!

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