Tuesday, 10 September 2019

10mm Late WW2 British Infantry .. Shades and Highlights (3) Basing

From figures stuck on coffee stirrers to based on a 40mm by 40mm base (see below, luckily I had a stack of suitable bases handy which I PVA'ed figures and sand onto - my "library stock" Anita's Acrylics 'browns' [a watery mixture of Burnt Umber and Coffee Brown mix] was brought into play):

Then I applied a watery black (again Anita's Acrylics) that was seeped around any ridge or stone (see below, the last 10mm of the base was left flat so I could put on a unit designation):

The Anita Acrylic "Coffee Brown" was extremely useful in putting a highlight down over the dark brown Burnt Umber and Black, followed by a dry-brush in White (see below, the other 'big win' was using a very cheap [I think picked up from The Works] bargain 'Art' brush in wet/dry brushing fashion - perfect for basing):

More PVA and apply a layer of flock followed clumps of static grass (see below, the bottom left hand corner is finished):

The final batch is complete (see below, 12 x Rifle sections, 2 x Vickers HMG, 2 x 3" Mortar, 1 x HQ, 2 x PIAT and a 1 x LMG):

A close up of a Rifles section (see below, two rifles and a Sten gun):

The Vickers HMG (see below, two crew and an officer looking on):

The 3" Mortar (see below, an officer and one 'overworked' loader):

All good, a bit of unit identification and we will be ready to go!


Renko said...

Very nice - but my eyes are starting to struggle with smaller scales

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Renko,

I didn't say it was easy ;)
But I got into the painting habit and got a mini project done
The key to success seems to have been hiding my stuff within easy reach of my son's teenage D&D stuff ;)