Saturday, 28 August 2010

At last I have a Panzer IVG (with side-skirts)

The Panzer Mark IV I always wanted as a kid. The one with side skirting. An old, old Esci kit gifted to me by a benevolent wargaming friend who is still a keen WWII wargamer but now in 15mm

Painted past the undercoat Matt Black, Sand Yellow base and Oily Black Shade stages due to the devil of the side skiting, still requiring a highlight of Sand Yellow followed by the Green and Brown of the late-war German camouflage scheme. Hence still a work in ptogress.

However this also means my fourteen tank Panzer IV for a CD III late-war German tank battalion reaches half-way (suitable for fighting on both East and West Fronts), following a similar manufacturer orientated company composition scheme.

Totals to date:
  • Esci Pz IV F2 x 3
  • Esci Pz IV H x 1
  • Hasagawa Pz IV G x 1
  • Airfix Pz IV F2 x 2 (and still looking to get another one sometime)
Note: In the background I do have 3 X Airfix Pz IV F1 in early war German Panzer Grey colour scheme which could be drafted in as extras. The remainder will probably come from Airfix, Hasagawa and Revell. Again a slow fifteen year project in the making.


xardas said...

Esci KIT is Late G. Panzer IV H have longer barrel.

Nice tank, I like clear camo

Al said...

Nice one. I have the Revell version of this, but I like your one better. Will look forward to seeing the whole battalion on the tabletop.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ah, my mistake, G not H. Will correct title ;)

Not quite finished as I have put an oily wash over it but intend to give it a three tone camouflage.

The whole battalion, gosh I am over half way there but really need another two companies of tanks to go. (Perhaps in 1944 you could argue they were never fielded complete)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Just picked up another Airfix PzIV so I can complete a company of Airfix IV beasts

In quest of the ultimate. . . said...

Your fifteen years project is beginning to take proper shape now. It's never too late!!
Nice model mate!
Show us them in complete array!
Well done!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Al and "In quest of the ultimate ..."

If ever completed will I have a big enough table to put on the Panzer IV and Panther battalions side by side?

I doubt it ;)

It doesn't stop the quest though! I just meed a Sherman and Cromwell regiment to face up against them

Al said...

Not enough space for a larger table, mmm when do the kids move out?