Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Joy of Airfix (4): "B" Squadron RTR

A whole bunch of raw plastic Shermans. To be strictly correct three Airfix and one Revell (old Matchbox). This gaggle is intended to form "B" Squadron of my 1944 post D-Day (even Arnhem) 20mm Command Decision RTR. Plenty of plastic still needed but getting there :)

Say what you like but the Airfix Sherman is still a cheap clean kit that is little fuss to put together and I do like the new Airfix track plastic.

Now where did I leave the Black Matt undercoat?


In quest of the ultimate. . . said...


The old values never lose their credibility! :-)

Waiting to see them painted mate!!


Al said...

Totally agree, nothing wrong with them, but you'll need a few more than that for a regiment!

Paul said...

Huzzah! Airfix Shermans were built to stand the test of time, roll on Shermania!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Note to self ... must paint, must paint, must paint them!!!