Thursday, 26 August 2010

RAF Home Defense: Spitfire's 1944 upgrade to Tempest V

Buzzing in from my 1/144 collection is a fighter pair of Tempest V's from Academy.

Nice little kits to make, though not as aesthetic and graceful as the Spitfire is packed a tremendously powerful engine and has a rugged ferocity about it.

Also as I am without a Typhoon marker is serves as an Western Allied Jabo attack marker.

The "grey and green" latter war RAF camouflage being more businesslike than the warmer early war "brown and green" of the Battle of Britain era.

Please note: I do get round to putting the decals on things, albeit very hard to leave them off  the planes ;)


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Stop Press News:

Just got a bundle more 1/144 kits \ :)
3 x Spitfire Vb
2 x Hurricane MkII (convert to MkI?)
3 x Tempest V

This makes the Luftwaffe somewhat very outnumbered

In quest of the ultimate. . . said...

You should bring the balance of forces back!! :-)

Great work my friend!