Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Joy of Airfix (5): Purring Panther

Although the Airfix Panther is not substantial in size it still well represents the "Killer Kat" and hence forms a company of the beasts in my WWII late-war German Panther Battalion. Destined to be fourteen tanks strong in the end, these two complete the plastic needed for the Airfix Panther Company.

In addition to the above I have two Esci/Italerli Panthers (the chances of getting a third now seem slim), one old Matchbox kit, three tasty big Hasagawa brutes. The remaining five places are destined to be filled by Hat and Italeri fast builds and the newer more detailed Revell kits.

A slow moving project, I've only been working on and off at it for fifteen years ;)

Pass the black undercoat paint pot and brush :)


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

| just pumping out bare plastic!

Al said...

Good enough start Geordie, I'm waiting on a couple of these myself.

David said...

interesting- its one thing i have never done is the black undercoat...must try it one day

something that i have always wanted to see- is after the war France sent a handful of panthers to Vietnam to support their war against the insurgents....i have never ever seen a picture of one! but what a great image it would be!!