Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Holiday Purchase: 1940's Nostalgia?

Coming on the heels of my recent green "Dig for Victory" mug is the excellent red "Keep Calm and Carry On" mug. For times when the late night painting gets fraught and the wargame projects get too complicated to realise in a day:

Purchased from "Barter Books" in Alnwick (UK), along with a few small 'other' items.

Interestingly unlike "Dig for Victory" the "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan was never as such released to the general public (a few ranking Civil Servants allegedly had the slogan on their walls) but rather it was held back for times of real crisis such as: "The German Seelion Invasion" or after the greatly feared and long awaited aerial deadly "Poison Gas Attack" on a city!  

Comments on a postcard regarding the effectiveness of the "stiff upper British lip" and its usefulness versus a Pz MkIIIE or Mustard Gas cloud coming down the high-street welcomed?

As a footnote regarding the cup: The wife liked it so much she 'nabbed' it as hers ;)


Arquinsiel said...

I was really tempted to grab something with this or the corollary "Sod calm and get angry" last week. Just never really got around to it in the end. I *did* pick up four Fireflies, two Spitfires, a pair PaK 40 with crew and a Daimler Mk II though....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Four Fireflies, even the Guards Armoured would be impressed :)

I had a bit of a WWII plastic "assemble" splurge as of late. The raw plastic photo's dribbling to the blog :)

I need to get my painting head on though :(

Pat G said...

I have the Keep Calm first aid tin on the wall in the Garage. Strangely appropriate.

Arquinsiel said...

Most of my stuff has been assembled and not painted of late too. I'm probably going to miss my self-imposed deadline now but ah well, there's always another con.

For extra bonus problem points my webhosting is down....

The four Fireflies are to go with the four regular Shermans I had already to fill out my company. By September '44 it wasn't unusual to have two per troop it seems, especially in "prestiege" units like the Guards.