Wednesday, 1 September 2010

HaT's T34-85

Will this show of raw naked plastic ever end? Perhaps not, this time it was two banged together T34-85's from HaT.

The T34-85 in its late-war guise needs numbers to intimidate. The HaT boxes help by giving you two at a time, costing out in bulk the cheapest buts as good as my Fujimi and old Airfix versions. It is a use tank to have as its active life-span stretches well into the latter part of the twentieth century.

These I think are simply destined to become part of the late-war Red Army. 

In summary an easy build that I enjoyed doing :)


Arquinsiel said...

I got a box of the earlier versions of this kit and it turned out to be.... well one is now crewed by Goblins and the other is on the sprue somewhere at the bottom of the pile....

In quest of the ultimate. . . said...

Great work mate, but I'd like to see them painted and surrounded by Red comrades!!

Please send some photos of the painted ones!

I am tempted to buy them, but Pegasus has already released its own version of T34-85's, and up until now I am very pleased with its models!

Italeri is going to produce some fast build as well (don't know when though)!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I cannot find fault with Pegasus kits, I just have trouble finding them in the shops when I am in buying mode.

Bargains at the moment, I noticed Model Craft selling old Matchbox (Revell) kits at £3.99 instead of £5.99. I picked up a LRDP Jeep and Truck up :)

Paul said...

Awesome score Geordie!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Please paint me master I feel cold, naked and exposed to anti-tank fire!