Sunday, 5 September 2010

More Shermans (HaT and Tank Magazine)

Coming out of the box two at a time from the HaT range, the Sherman M4A2 version, destined to be painted up in 8th Army desert camouflage for Operation Supercharge in the Battle of El Alemain 1942 project:

They will round up a composite tank battalion. To go with my:
  • Three painted Hasagawa Crusader Mk III's.
  • Three partially painted Airfix Crusaders
  • Two unpainted Hasagawa Grants
  • One Airfix unpainted Grant
  • Two unpainted Matchbox (yes they are old) M3 Honey's. 
Against which I plan to throw an assorted bunch of Axis DAK and Italian armour + Anti Tank guns (the latter of which needs to be fleshed out somewhat).

Meanwhile in France near the borders of Germany:

This ("too bright a green" which desperately needs some weathering and application of mud) M4A3 Sherman of the 756th Tank Battalion of the US 5th Army. As its gun is shorter than my other US Sherman's it will probably be designated as the 105mm Howitzer of the battalion (yes, yet another 20mm Tank Battalion project).

PS: This was another £2.99 bargain at the Yorkshire Trading Company store:)


In quest of the ultimate. . . said...

Nice models!

I wish we had a retailer here in Greece, making this kind of bargains! Bugger!!!

Keep up the great work mate!

Waiting to see them assembled!!


mork6969 said...

Cool stuff, I like it!