Wednesday, 26 May 2010

North African Campaign: 8th Army RTR Crusader Squadron

Digging around in the old "model box" I came across a vintage (made some eleven or twelve years ago) squadron of Hasagawa 6pdr armed Crusader III's in North African colours.

They are obviously looking for some DAK or Italians which is a pity because I have not painted many to date, concentrating my early/mid war Germans on France and Russia.

Nevertheless they are an exciting bunch as they are also useful for Tunisia with its eclectic collection of old British and new American kit. Those with fine eyesight may even see decals on the mud-flaps. Wonders will never cease!

As you can see from below I went for "the desert has been rather rough on me look."

This three tank squadron is part of a two squadron formation (I always had the aim of making it to a full three squadron regiment at some point). The currently "part-painted" other squadron being earlier Airfix Crusader I's armed with a 2pdr pop-gun and wacky lewis gun turret at the front. The third squadron was then intended/planned to be comprised of Airfix Crusader II's (just mounting the 2pdrs losing the silly lewis turret) but alas Airfix seem to have discontinued their Crusader kits for the time being.

Methinks unless Airfix releases the Crusader again this regiment will never be finished as intended. Never mind Monty! My get out clause is that around El Alemain all sorts of tanks were thrown together into tank regiments. They seemed to be one light squadron of Crusaders (mixed types) and two "heavies" of Grant/Sherman mixed groups, So I just need to paint up more of the latter.

The "Iron Fist" (see my bookshelf) has a good chapter on the Supercharge operation in the El Alemain battle.


xardas said...

Look very well!

Very interesting camouflage !

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Part design and part wear and tear on the vehicles ;)

Arquinsiel said...

This is always an option. I'm sure if you talked to DeAgostini nicely they'd sell you a chunk of back issues.

Arquinsiel said...

In fact, because I'm so great and awesome a person, click here to order :p

Tim Gow said...

Lovely. I go for the scruffy and high mileage look in my painting too. Mind you in my case it's partly because I can't paint neatly!