Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The SturmTiger

A lovely little model kit from Dragon. It fitted together like a dream, the casement shell is actually metal not plastic, as were a few of its fittings. Beautifully precision made, but not cheap. Dragon will sell you an already painted version in their die-cast series.

Front: A splendid view of the 35cm (Modified KM depth charge) Rocker dispenser. Rate of Fire is not an issue, it was sufficient just one of these things "went off". Heavily armoured to be able to trundle into position and survive to get off its first shot (and probably last one needed). A very direct fire weapon. 

The Side: Notice the reloading hatch in the top of the casement and crane/winch required to manhandle the next round into the SturmTiger.

The Back: The site you probably want to see if you are interested in knocking one of these things out!

When exactly you would use it on the wargame table is another question entirely. It was a post-Stalingrad reaction to urban fighting. I believe units could have fought in Warsaw (1944), but most seemed to have surrendered to advancing US troop in 1945 on the Ruhr. Quite what the US troops made of the beast is another matter.


Inkub said...

Two of them from preproduction series (iron, not steel armor) fought in Warsaw during Warsaw Uprising in 1944. It was THE ONLY combat these vehicles saw usage in their proper combat enviroment and role.

GEM Team said...

I have 2 Dragon kits, they come with etched parts and everything, yes they are not cheap but they are lovely.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Gosh, thanks for that interesting titbit of information

Do you have a reference, I would like to find out more?

Much appreciated

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

GEM Team,

The Dragon kits are great, but expensive. I have a Hummel and a Nashorn to paint too :)

They are for more of a wacky treat than a run of the mill Sherman

Inkub said...

Not the best source - wiki - but it has basic information. My comment was based on Polish books and articles.
English wiki says:
PzStuMrKp 1000 was raised on 13 August 1944 and fought during the Warsaw Uprising with two vehicles, as did the prototype in a separate action, which may have been the only time the Sturmtiger was used in its intended role. PzStuMrKp 1001 and 1002 followed in September and October. Both PzStuMrKp 1000 and 1001 served during the Ardennes Offensive, with a total of seven Sturmtigers.

I think info here is partly wrong but will check with my sources tomorrow, at work.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...