Saturday, 15 May 2010

Airfix Tiger I refurbishment: Part Four "Then there was two"

One Tiger refurbishment down and so just one to go. Aiming at the target point of duplicating this below, but with a tank commander to boot:

The second Tiger I turret reconstruction was green for go. Here it is taking the basic shape and base coat colour:

Now appearing as the finished product on the left, finished to the same three tone (more stone than base yellow) Camo pattern, and crewman/commander has even been given a lick of paint too.

The only thing outstanding (but not critical IHMO) is to weather and redden the German tank tracks, which I will do across the board on the German armour in a mass production fashion. Oh, yes, of course my Achilles heel, the obligatory German decals to come :)

PS: Hmmm, A pregnant question hanging in the air is, do I return to the "Brown" and "Green" Tigers to add in another stripe of alternating colour (green and brown respectively) to make the batch be of "the same unit". I am tempted, but putting it off for a rainier day than today!

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