Thursday, 20 May 2010

A not quite finished Franz Ferdinand

Or in other words a dirty great big German Elephant SP gun from WWII. Pity the music fan that via Google that picks up this posting instead, street-cred immediately lost.

Almost classed as a prototype odd-bod, but for the ever resourceful "waste-not want-not" WW2 German armament industry coming up with a novel use for the some ninety chaises already built for the failed Porshe Tiger I contract bid.

I cannot make my mind up for the final camouflage scheme, so it shall have to stay indefinitely that grubby shade of Panzer Yellow.

Strictly speaking the Kursk combatants seemed to have had an Eastern Front red-brown disruptive line-pattern spread over them. However the above model has a front MG which means it is a post-Kursk modification that served in both Russia and Italy. The latter theatre begs a three tone camouflage pattern, but seeing how I have been painting so much of that as of late I will give it a rain-check before committing myself!

Patience Al the Comets are coming ;)


Al said...

Awesome painting mate, I hope said patience will prove equally appealing! The Comets will be hard to make look as good as your German heavy armour due to the base colour though me thinks.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I think you have to "love" the British armour for putting up a decent fight against a superior technical but inferior numbered foe.