Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Painting Tray as of May 2010

Putting aside the petty events of a UK General Election, doubtless the world (or maybe again perhaps not) will be relieved to know that sufficient clear space has been finally found for the Painting Tray 2010 to manifest itself.

The intense interest in 1/3000 and 1/1200 ship painting was partly fuelled by a restricted space issue, partly by a "Naval" whim of mine. I need to up-scale before I lose my eyesight.

Now for a bit of 20mm and 1/72 kit making action:
  • Airfix: Hurricane Mk.I
  • Airfix: Boulton Paul Defiant
  • Airfix: Chieftain Tank
  • Matchbox: Comets (x3)
  • Pegasus Hobbies: WWII German Wonder Tanks (Schwerer Kliener)

The planes are quite far on and viewed as an easy (though slow) painting exercise. The Matchbox Comets as inspired by Al's  Blog, the "Cold War" Chieftain (to be done in Urban Camouflage) is inspired by the Modern British Civil War Blog. The Pegasus Hobby tanks were just easy builds that satisfied a "plastic kit construction" craving I had. That is not yet over and I am scouring my boxes for easy kits to make :)

Trying to make/get themselves noticed:
  • Xyston 15mm Thracians
  • Xyston 15mm Macedonians (inspired as per the excellent 15mm Paint Shack blog)
  • Hat Pz III G (x2)
In reserve (on hold/rested):
  • 20mm HOTT Moria Goblin Army
  • 1/1200 Revell MiniShip Series
  • 1/3000 Navwar WWII Ships


Fraxinus said...

Phew glad your back to 'massive' 1/72nd scale Defiant & Hurri nice... my favourite Airfix tank was the Centurion...must make one from the stash also a Chieftain somewhere. the Comets make up into a very nice model, theres a troop in my wargames box...always 'blazed like comets' after being hit by 88mm rounds in wargames I played years ago. An interesting project on Britmodeller to which I donated a hanomag was one modeller collecting & building the entire Matchbox afv range complete with diorama bases.

GEM Team said...

got your hands full.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


The best way to be!

Al said...

Love the defiant, my favourite. Really looking forward to seeing that one finished.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Pegasus Hobbies: WWII German Wonder Tanks (Schwerer Kliener)

These are painted an undercoat brown at the moment!