Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Airfix Tiger I refurbishment: Part One

A funny thing happened to me from the Painting Table to the Model Box ...

I had just under-coated the so-called German Wonder Tanks (from Pegasus) Matt Black and had put them to one side (eyeing up the Boulton Paul defiant and Hawker Hurricane) when I thought I should really put the tanks "back in the box" (so I or small child didn't break them)!

Pandora's box of unfinished models was opened and I spied my old pair of Airfix Tigers. Hmm. The comparison (Fujimi v Airfix):

Now this annoys me, all because of the missing back stowage bins (you know the story of the Airfix designers basing their model from a reconstructed Tiger, done in haste without the ubiquitous stowage bins in place, so they never made it to the final Airfix model ). Just think of all those generations of misguided teenage Airfix modellers getting confused with their AFV recognition charts ;)

I had made these two Tigers yonks ago but they were never used as they looked a bit silly next to their Fujimi and Hasagawa cousins (with back bins). Taking inspiration from a certain Tim Marshall's web-site and his Tiger Turret conversion I decided to take the plunge and have a go myself, it looked simple enough.

The basic conversion, a new back:

Starting with glueing two small bits of squarish plasti-card sticking out from the rear turret (using the Fujimi turret as a guide), a third longer piece was bent and rolled over joining the back of the two. Getting it sufficiently curved was rather tricky, so I settled for glueing piece three in place and then sticking a forth bit of rolled/bent plasti-card over it to get the extra curve needed, Finally I carved a rough curve to fit the Tiger turret from a very thin bit of plast-icard and put that over the bin framework. This irregular shape was carved back to conform to turret/bin shape.   

A little extra detail (Two Back Flaps added):

Two small squares of plastic were added as bin flaps and a small square hole was drilled into the middle of the back stowage area (as per the Fujimi model).

A spot of Panzer Yellow (Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow): It looks rough in close-up, but it's good enough from a distance and there is a bit of camo and weathering to follow :)

The refurbishment continues ...


GEM Team said...

nice work

Arquinsiel said...

Looking good. At the moment I'm looking at converting a whole pile of Airfix kits into various Tank, SPG and Armoured Car variants that seem to be available elsewhere only in resin or my dreams.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Arquinsel,

That's interesting, any ones in particular.
A list beckons :)

German A/C variants are always interesting ;)

Arquinsiel said...

There seems to have been some form of error... not sure if that posted....

Arquinsiel said...

Got distracted and forgot to come back, sorry.

It turns out that some of the stuff I need is made by Trumpeter and Rodan, (StuG D and Sd.Kfz 232) so that's nice. The Panzer IV G is still a bit hard to track down, as is the Flammwagen auf Panzerkampfwagen B-2 (f) so it looks like Airfix and Revell kits with resin parts from Matador will have to do.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I am pretty sure that Panzer IV G is out there by Hasagawa (in fact I have an under coated kit waiting in the wings for its Camo)

The Flammwagen auf Panzerkampfwagen B-2 (f) is just a Revell (ex-Matchbox) Char B2 early war French Tank converted with a flamethrower instead of a 75mm howitzer in the hull

An anti-partizan tank which saw service in Yugislavia as well as the German tank training schooll in Arnhem v the Paras

Just my pennyworth ;)

Arquinsiel said...

It's got a fueltank on the back aswell, and for the price of it this will go fine on the Revell kit. Why do you think I'm looking for one anyway? :P

For some odd reason Hasegawa is nearly impossible to get over here. They just don't seem to be worth the price compared to other kits of similar subjects. There's been four kits in stock in my local shop for the last few years, and they never move or get restocked. They've recently started stocking Pegasus, Trumpeter and a variety of brands I never even heard of so hopefully they'll start getting in stuff I need.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


Good hunting Arquinsiel