Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"A" Squadron RTR 20mm Command Decision

Stepping back from 1945 to 1944 to the OoB of a British Armoured Division, Tank Regiment, Squadron we get the famous three Shermans (Airfix) and a Firefly (Matchbox/Revel).

Again no decals (yet), but work on a second ("B") squadron is ongoing. I will have to work a little special camouflage on the Firefly as the tankers cunningly painted the underside end of the 17pdr barrel light sky blue as an optical trick to shortened the look of the gun, taken from the recent Revel box art. The idea being to make the Firefly slightly less conspicuous to German eyes.  

Also as work in progress in the RTR Regiment Command "odds and sods" vehicles. This is more of an interesting fix to what I actually have rather than one-to-one match with historical OoB kit, more of this later. I fancy an Arnhem XXX Corp scenario is fermenting in my fertile mind.


Paul said...

Yahoo Sherman fest, Airfix's best seller!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It does the job, I intend to to have an Airfix/Matchbox RTR by the end of this year :)

Although if I were to "do" another RTR the HaT option looks inviting as they have:

Various basic Sherman 75's
Sherman 105's

So the unit should have a nice consistent look and feel to it

There RTR to a Division, where do you stop is the question!

Monty said...

Excellent, Geordie...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

More of these to come I hope as I am trying to work up to a full Command Decision 1944 RTR OoB

"B" Squadron is already acquired, assembled and need painting

Now looking as a rag-tag of sorts for the Command Squadron needing a couple of kits to assemble

Leaving a mop up operation of getting a third Squadron together later in the year :)

Brits seem to be the flavour of the moment for me just now ;)